Fool SMS

3 guys were introduced to a girl

3 Guys were introduced to a girl.
Hi, Iam Peter, not a saint.
Iam Paul not a POPE.
Iam John not a Baptist.
The girl replied. Hi…
Iam Mary, not a VIRGIN.

5 men r rapping

5 men are raping a woman..
The woman is laughing nonstop.
So after sometime the men get bugged n ask her y is she laughin.
She replies,
I have aids. . .

A boy of 1standard

A boy of 1std class 2 his teacher: Do you like me?
Miss: yes dear.. You are So sweet.
Student: When should I send my parents 2 ur home?
Miss. Why?
Student: 2 talk about us.
Miss: Wat do you mean?
Student: hey For tuitioN .
Namaku padipudhan mukiyam..

A girl in a shop

A girl in a shop: How much this dress costs?
Shopkeeper: Just 5 kisses..
Girl: ok, pack the dress..
My grandma will pay the bill..

A girl phoned me

A girl phoned me the other day and said...
Come on over, theres nobody home.
I went over. Nobody was home

A guy checks his lover mobile

A guy checks his Lovers Mobile to know
under which Name she has saved HIS No.
When Dialed,
it Showed. . .
Always beware of girls...