Encouraging SMS

10 rupees pen

10 rupees pen is also costly
while u are having below 10 rupees.
so try to increase your income
bcz u want the price of pen.

A boy proposes a girl

A boy proposes a girl but she refuses because he is poor.
But a ultimate dialogue from the boy was
When i am rich, You will be my bitch
Think positive boys rocks

A butterfly lives only 14 days

A butterfly lives only 14 days
But still it flies joyfully
Capturing many hearts
Each moment in life is precious,,,,

A child laughs 400 times

A Child laughs 400 times a day.
But, Man laughs on an average only 25 times a day.
Be a child by mind.
Forget your worries and Be Happy Forever........

A girl said 2 me

A girl said 2 me:-
I cant marry u. Giv my love leters back.
Next day I gave her a big basket and said,
Find out urs frm these
Think Positive

A honey bee visits

A Honey bee visits 4million flowers to collect 1gram of honey.
so our workload is nothing compared to them.
Keep working..
To achieve ur goal...