Indecent SMS

23 useless things

23 useless things in a mans body
20 nails cannot be hammered
2 balls u cannot throw
1 cock cannot crow
Dont laugh gals ur pussy cannot catch mouse

8 Qualities

8 qualities of a PERFECT boyfriend…
Brave,Intelligent, Gentle,Polite, Energetic,
Non-alcoholic, Industrious, Self-organised.
In short, B.I.G.P.E.N.I.S.

A baby boy and girl

A baby boy and a baby girl are in a bathroom having a bath.
Girl looks down at the boy and says Can I play with it?
Boy: No way! You have already broken yours!!!

A girl and guy

A Guy&Girl go 4 Shopping . . .
Girl-U have Nothing in ur Head but y ru buying a Helmet?
Guy-Yesterday u purchased Bra.
Did i ask u Anything..

A gunman says

A gunman stops a car & tells driver to shake penis..
driver shakes.
This continues 6 times&
driver has lost his energy.
Gunman says, now Give lift 2 my Daughter.

A women is a marvellous

A woman is a marvellous creation,
she produces milk without eating grass,
she bleeds without being hurt,
gets wet even when it does not rain
and sucks without needing power.