Decent SMS

3 things in life

Dont make Promises when U r in Joy.
-Dont Reply when U r Sad.
-Dont take Decision when U r in Anger

Beautiful message by mother teresa

Beautiful Message by Mother Teresa:
If you cannot love a person whom you see,
then how can you love GOD whom you have never seen

Best of best

Best of stupidity-
lookin thru a keyhole of a glass door..
Best of craziness- jump from a 20 feet ladder just 4 fun..
Best of honesty- a pregnent woman in a bus gets 1 and half
Best of joblessness- u reading the whole msg.. .st 4 fun..

Days are too busy

Days are too BUSY..
Hours are too FEW..
Seconds are too FAST..
but there is Always a time for me to ask..
How R U? n Hope Ur FINE.. MISS U!

Education is an organized system

Education is an organized system
through which we waste half of our life
to learn how to waste
the remaining half of our life!

I knocked at heavens

I knocked at HEAVENS door
GOD asked What is your wish of today?
I said Plz protect love and BLESS the one reading this message
GOD smiled and replied GRANTED