1 day lord decided 2 visit earth

1 day Lord decided 2 visit earth...
He saw a man crying.
Lord ask, y r u crying, my son?
he said that he was blind.
Lord touched him and he could seman crying and asked,
y r u crying, my son?
he said, Lord, I am studying Engineering !
Lord sat down and cried with him..

A fish asked to god

A fish asked to god: Y cant fish live on earth?
God: Earth is not the place for FISH,
its made for SELFISH.

A great thought

Man asked god:
Give me everything to enjoy the life.
God smiled and replied
i have given you the life to enjoy everything

God to devil

GOD:I cant b everywhere so I created MOTHER.
DEVIL: I too cant b everywhere so I created GIRLS.
GOD: Dont worry I have also created BOYS to change them to MOTHERS!
Boys rocks.

It is doubtless

It is doubtless true that religion has been
the worlds psychiatrist throughout the centuries

Life is temporary

Life is Temporary
Love is Library
God is Great
Life is Sweet
Yestrday is Waste
Today is Best
Tomorow is Taste
So Enjoy ur life