Girl SMS

5 Rules of girls

5 RULES OF girls:
1.Love me dont
touch me
2.Touch me dont
kiss me
3.Kiss me dont
use me
4.Use me dont
forget me
5.Forget me dont
tell others abt me.

70 ways to keep a girl happy

There are 70 ways to keep a Girl happy
One is to take her shopping.
The rest is 69.

A boy wrote love letter

A Boy Wrote Love Letter with his BLOOD to a medical college girl
Girl Replied:
Blood group:B+ve
Hb: 13
Sugar: 86
Fees : 400...

A girl who opens

A girl who opens her hands recieves gifts.
who opens her heart recives love.
who opens her legs recieves happines


A Boy Can Do Everthing For a Girl
Reverse of it:
Girls Forget Everthing Done & Catches New Boy Again

According 2 chinese docs

According 2 Chinese Docs, a WoMaNS BoDy HaS Five RooMS:
1.FACE-show room
2.BOOBS-play room
3.TUMMY-store room
4.VAGINA-mens room
5.ANUS-emergency room