Computer SMS

Favourite place

Q. Wheres an astronauts favourite place on the computer?
* * * * *
A. The spacebar!

Internet trickz

Restart Your pc quickly
Create a shortcut file on desktop &
type shutdown -r -t 0 for location, rename
file name & click, PC will restart.

Secrets behind Tajmahal

* Mumtaj was Shah Jahans 4th wife of his 7 wifes.
* Shah Jahan killed Mumtajs husband in a war field to marry her.
* Their love spot was Mina Bazzar in Agra.
* Mumtaj died in her 14th delivery.
* Taj Mahal was designed and supervised by Usdat Ahmed Lahoor.
* The project of Taj Mahal completed with the time period of 18 years (1630-1648)...

Teacher to student

Teacher to Student:
Can You Define Who is a Lecturer…???
A Lecturer is a Person
Who has a Bad Habit
of Speaking when Someone is Sleeping.

U have a compute addiction

U hav a compute addiction wen u
kiss ur girlfriends homepage.
Ur dog has its own website.
And even ur night dreams r in HTML..!

What did the cpu

Q: Wat did d CPU say to d input devices?
A: You fill up my senses…