Insulting SMS

2 women r sitting

1) Two Women r sitting quiet.
2) Two Sardars r playing chess.
3) Girl Friend pays the bill…!!!
Need more???
U r beautiful.:-

3 monkeys ran from zoo

3 monkeys ran from zoo
1st watching TV.
No ya,
Its not u
Why do you always think that way.
3rd is missing Ok..

3 tips to break a mirror

3 tips to break a mirror:
1. Throw stone on mirror....
2. Take mirror and just drop it....
3. U just go and stand before the mirror & SMILE. . .

A girl asked her boyfriend

A Girl Askd Her Boyfriend:
What Do U Like Most In Me My Pretty Face Or My Sexy Body?
He Looked At Her Frm Top To bottom
And Replied: I Like Ur Sense Of Humour.

Cellphone using is very dangerous

Cellphone using is very dangerous
It damages the Brain.
You are so lucky,
No Brain!
No Damage!
So, No problem..!.. ha ha ha..

Could u fax me

Could u fax me ur photo very very urgently?
Mind u - its really very very urgent,
damn serious and very imp ....
Iam playing cards and
we have misplaced the JOKER