Double Meaning SMS

A girl go to 1st night

A girl go to 1st night
She Entered room
Locked the door
Ava than mooditu poitala.
Neeyum mooditu po (A) joke na vaya polanthugitu padipiye...

Any problem

U can convert gents into ladies or ladies into gents,
just by cutting or inserting a rod carefully...,
....In a BICYCLE..
Any problem?.

Bite the neck gently

Bite the neck gently,
Chew the breast softly,
Spread the legs slowly,
Suck the juice excitingly,
That is the way to eat Tandoori Chicken!!!!

Can i touch ur software

Boy can i touch ur software?
Girl: Show me 1st ur hardware!
Boy: Can i Install it in ur system?
Girl: Okay! If u cover it with anti-virus first? HEHE

D/b data and information

Whats the difference between Data and Information?
362436 - Data
36-24-36 Information!..

Dont marry

Dont marry & make a woman happy.
In fact remain a bachelor & make several women happy.