Ajith SMS

Ajit meets sharukh

Ajit meets sharukh in function
Ajit: Sorry sharukh enakku hindi theriyathu
Sharukh : Dai enakku neeye yaarunu theriyathu da

Ajit removing 2 wheeler

Ajith removing 2 wheels from his car.
A Man asks:Why r u removing wheel from ur car?
Ajith:U stupid see the board, Parking for 2 Wheeler Only….

Ajit to servant

Ajit to servant: Go and water the plants.
Servant: Its raining.
Ajit: So what take an umbrella and go !!!

Ajit wins lottery

Ajit buys a ticket for Rs 100 and wins the lottery of 1 crore. He goes to claim it.
Ajit: I want Rs 1 crore.
Lottery Agent: We give you 10 lakh today. The rest amount will be paid in next 6 months.
Ajit: Oh, no! I want all my money right now. If you dont do it today, then I want my Rs 100 back.

All heros writing exam

All heros writing exam...
Q.No1: write ur hit films.
All r writing but Ajith argues with examinar &
says this Question is out of my syllabus. . . !


Ajit sent an SMS to his pregnant wife.
A couple of seconds later the Ajit received a report on his phone and he started to dance. The report said: "Delivered".